Creation 2019

Addressing people without actually speaking
The slight twist between reality and its interpretation
The alteration of the world’s image through paper
The beauty of ordinary things

Like when I answer your mother that we are doing well
A moment of grace amid the shouting
The taste of that blue foodstuff
Those barely articulated dreams
Nothing is ever what you believe it is

After a first spectacle, StOïK, performed close to 250 times throughout the world, 184568 kilometers travelled, 12 countries visited, 60 French “départements” discovered, 10 regions under our belt, 189 hotels tested (among which 136 in industrial zones, 3 vehicles worn out, 1268 meals shared, 4238 persons encountered, 2489 email messages answered, 1427 telephone calls made, 36879 spectators and 2 420 641 minutes spent together, we are still enthused about launching ourselves again into a new project: KäLk.

As a counterpoint to StOïK in which our research was based on our differences, this time we want to work on resemblance and fusion.

Let’s start from what we are, our life together, the life of our duo and our relationship. How does it feel to spend so much time with another person? What makes it possible to accept the other? How can a balance be achieved between two people?

We have decided to work on an inseparable duo, which makes us think of the birds we call in French “inséparables” (lovebirds).

“Inséparables”: The term refers to the fact that the birds of this species generally live as a closely bound couple. If one of the birds dies, the other lets itself die.

So the spectacle is about affective dependence, the fact of forgetting oneself in order to think about “we” before “I”.

What do we lose in terms of individuality after the years spent together and what is left of our identity through the passing of time?

Thus our research revolves around the following great themes: fusion, dependence on the other, the other’s absence, the permanent fight, love, complicity, intimacy, Karpman’s triangle (persecutor, victim, savior).

Our inspiration mainly comes from images, things which move us, particularly events taking place in everyday life. We want to keep sublimating the little nothings of life.

We want to play with the limit between the comedians and the characters. They play at being or at not being.

Coproductions, residences and supports : Le Champ de Foire, Saint-André-de-Cubzac; La Cascade: PNAC Ardèche Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Bourg-Saint-Andéol; L’Avant-Scène, Cognac; La Loggia, Paimpont; AY-ROOP: Scène de territoire pour les arts de la piste, Rennes; Le Château de Monthelon, Montréal; Les Abattoirs, Riom; Le Fon du Loup, Carves; Lacaze aux Sottises, Orion.

Design and performance: Brian Henninot and Clémence Rouzier
Staging: Johan Lescop
Production / Booking: Juliette Vaintan


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