They’re here. Mister and Madam Nobody, with nothing. A simple scenic design.

They always make their best, to fail, better. The greatness of everything to point out the smallness of nothing.

He’s tall, half way between Peter Crouch and M. Bean, with good intentions. She’s small, full of energy and bitterness, but all of this is above her. They’re close with each other and with the audience.

An absurd gestual world: nothing’s there, nothing is there, everything’s there.

A show where they only communicate with their bodies, where they move without dancing, a show where uninteresting becomes interesting.

At the start, everything is just about normal. Then it becomes weird. In the end, it’s just a mess.

A simple world. Straight forward, light and comical universe.

The show StOïk has been awarded of Mim’off Audience Award 2014 and Groupe Geste(s) Award 2014.

With the production grant of Groupe Geste(s) and the support of Clown School Le Samovar, Lyon Circus School, Les Abattoirs de Riom, Les Subsistances, Le Lido: Toulouse Center for Circus Arts, La Grainerie: Circus Arts Factory, Château de Monthelon, Chabatz d’Entrar Company, LéVa: L'espace Vent d’Autan in Auch and International Visual Theatre (IVT).

Writing, acting: Brian Henninot and Clémence Rouzier
Direction: Johan Lescop
Production / Booking: Juliette Vaintan
Communication: Juliette Ray
Costume design: Sabrina Marletta
Teaser: Pablo Rosenblatt and Emilie Desjardins